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Size 8X14ft 17X10ft 14X16ft
Height 36''(914.4mm) 42''(1066.8mm) 42''(1066.8mm)
Padwidth 381mm 381mm 381mm
Foam thicness

40mm  thicness EPE  FOAM

50mm thicness EPE  FOAM 50mm thicness EPE  FOAM
Spring Diameter 3.4mm 3.4mm 3.4mm
Spring 92pcs/225mm 108pcs/225mm 124pcs/225mm
Tube Φ60x3.0mm Φ60x3.0mm Φ60x3.0mm
Connection tube Φ60x3.0mm Φ60x3.0mm Φ60x3.0mm
Legs Φ60x3.0mm 4legs Φ60x3.0mm 4legs Φ60x3.0mm 4legs
Reinforcement device On the tubes On the tubes NO
The edge of mat Car 10 way line Car 10 way line Car 10 way line
Accessories pole Φ38x1.5mm Φ38x1.5mm Φ38x1.5mm
Mesh PE,PE,oversleeve PE,PE,oversleeve PE,PE,oversleeve
Net height 1840mm 1840mm 1840mm


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